Jean Frederic Alam

Jean Frederic, or Freddy as he was called by his family and loved ones, spent most of his childhood between Achrafieh and Horch Tabet, and attended Collège Sacré Coeur – Frères Gemmayze.

At eleven years old, Jean Frederic traveled to Belgium where he attended school, but his father insisted he attends high school in Lebanon, which he did. He earned his French and Lebanese baccalaureate degrees in his home country, and traveled to the United States of America to major in Engineering and Mathematics at Columbia University, in New York City.

Freddy was caring and religious, he was the backbone and chief supporter of his loved ones… He was also a great support to his students at the American University of Beirut where he taught for a short period. At the time, he was a devoted professor who put his students’ best interests at heart. He also had a great impact on youth, and everyone who had the chance to work with him will never forget his guidance and advice.

On that tragic Tuesday afternoon, Freddy was with his wife Tania at Saint George Hospital on a doctor's appointment. After the consultation, they were talking to a family friend when they heard the first explosion... Freddy asked his wife to text the kids to tell them they are safe, and will be coming home soon to drink the lemonade he loved so much. He wanted to spend as much time as possible with his family, since one of his children was traveling four days later, to pursue his education in the United States.

Tania was still typing the text message when the second explosion happened. She fell to the ground, and as soon as she came back to her senses, she ran to Freddy who was covered in blood. She tried to stop the bleeding but she couldn't. The hospital was completely destroyed, and no doctor was able to save her husband.

Freddy passed away, leaving behind a grieving family in shock, and many friends and loved ones who will be missing his beautiful soul. The Lebanese community lost a great man and an added value.

He will always be in the hearts of those who loved him; his memory shall live forever…