Jessica Bazidjian

In Bourj Hammoud, east of Beirut, 23-year old Jessica grew up. She was an excellent student at Mesrobian Armenian School. After earning her baccalaureate degree, she attended Balamand University's Nursing School, graduating at the top of her class, three year later.

Two years earlier, Jessica started working at the Psychology Department, at Saint George Hospital. She loved her profession, and was extremely dedicated on the job.

In addition to being exceptionally smart, Jessica believed in her sixth sense. She was objective, and strong willed. Yet, and despite her strong personality, she was absolutely caring, loving, and human.

She was planning to earn her master's degree and travel to the United States, to advance on the career front. But August 4, 2020 marked the end of those young dreams. On that day, Jessy's shift was to start at 6:00 PM. She got ready, said goodbye to her family, and took her sister's car.

Her father went out to the balcony and watched her leave, he had a feeling something bad was about to happen. When she arrived to the hospital at 6:03 PM, she sent her mother a message, telling her she arrived. But for the first time, she sent an angel emoticon along her text.

A few minutes later, at 6:07 PM, a huge explosion happened.

Jessy's mom, who always prays to the Virgin Mary to keep her daughters safe, says she reached out to virgin Mary's , and she found out its head was broken. At that moment, she started screaming that her daughter was dead and asked her husband and other daughter, Rosaline, to go to the hospital to look for Jessica who was not answering her phone.

When warehouse number 12 exploded at the Port of Beirut, Jessica had just entered the hospital. The glass entrance door shattered behind her, and she was thrown to the ground, stainless steel debris struck her neck.

Her father and sister arrived thirty minutes later, the hospital was completely destroyed. They looked for Jessy, and someone told them she was seen in the Emergency Room. They rushed there, their eyes wandering to find her. Rosaline recognized her sister from the pair of shoes she was wearing.

Jessica was laying on the floor, her best friend was trying to save her, using phone flashlights to see. She did not last long, an hour later, Jessica passed away.

Considering the fact that brides are wedded on Sundays, Jessica's body remained in the hospital's morgue for five days. She was buried a bride, and her parents asked those attending her funeral to dress in white.