Jessy Kahwaji Daoud

The Kahwaji family gave birth to twin daughters in Achrafieh; Joyce was born first, and few minutes later Jessy was born… Jessy attended a private school and transferred to a public high school. She graduated with a degree in Nursing from the Lebanese University.

Jessy is the mother of Ella (2.3), and she was as innocent as a child herself. She had a calm, reasonable, and persuasive character. She was loving and caring, and would always take the initiative to plan gatherings and outings.

She was a real lady: polite, respectful, conversational, and always smiling.

Her qualities drew her closer to people who cherished and appreciated her. She was a very caring mother with her daughter Ella…

She had a special place in her heart for cancer patients. When their parents went through financial and economic difficulties, Jessy would take the initiative to speak in their name with organizations who could offer a helping hand. Jessy was meant to be a nurse, and she has been a head nurse at the elderly department at Saint George University Hospital for the past 10 years.

When the warehouse number 12 at the Port of Beirut exploded, Jessy's parents were home in Achrafieh. The force of the explosion pushed them outside… They did not think for a minute that the explosion affected Jessy's workplace.

Her mother called Jessy's husband, who told her he talked to his wife a little while ago. But her sister had a bad feeling, she tried to call Jessy but she did not answer the phone. Her parents thought she would be at the Emergency Room helping. They called her coworkers, but no one answered… When finally someone answered Jessy's phone, he told her parents she was wounded.

Joyce rushed to the hospital to see her sister. She was shocked by the damage and destruction inflicted to the medical centre. She looked for Jessy and recognized her from her socks. She was lying on the floor. Joyce told herself that her sister is probably dead.

Jessy was hit on the neck and had a head injury that caused an internal hemorrhage. She was transferred to the ER and doctors tried to resuscitate her but to no avail. She was thus evacuated to Saint Joseph Medical Centre.

Her husband received a photo of Jessy after the explosion. There was a little blood on her head, even her hair was still the same. They could have saved her… It was unfortunately impossible to save her three or four hours after the explosion…