Jihad Saadeh

Jihad was born in Mezyara and attended two different schools, before he immigrated with his parents, and pursued his education abroad.

Jihad was a peaceful, friendly person, and a reliable friend. He was respectful, and avoided conflicts and arguments. He was very popular among the Lebanese diaspora, and would always offer a helping hand to immigrant Lebanese.

Jihad worked in business and trade, and was also a hotel manager in Nigeria.

On the family front, he was a loving father who chiefly cared about his family's wellbeing. He wished to settle with them in the same country.

Jihad hoped to see his 6-year old girl cancer free, so they could travel together and make her wishes and dreams come true.

He traveled to Lebanon to celebrate his 9-year old son first communion, but the awful August 4, cut all wishes short.

Upon his arrival, he quarantined as per the governmental regulations related to the covid-19 pandemic. He then went to the village to check on his parents and son, and went to Saint George Hospital to be with his wife and daughter.

On that tragic Tuesday, Jihad bought his son a birthday gift, and went back to the hospital. His wife Soha was talking to him when she noticed the smoke over the Port of Beirut. She went to the nurses’ station to ask them if they had any idea what was happening, but she found no one there. As soon as she entered her daughter's room, there was a huge, earth-shattering explosion. She saw her husband on the floor, and her daughter was screaming. She tried to help Jihad who hit his head and neck; his ears were bleeding.

Soha walked down from the ninth floor to find a doctor who could help her husband. A doctor walked back up with her, examined him, and told her that he needed to be intubated to put him on a ventilator. There was no medical equipment available amidst all the destruction at the hospital. She walked down again to find a few men that would evacuate Jihad to another hospital. They tried to admit him to nearby hospitals, but it was impossible. They took him to Haroun hospital in Zalka, but Jihad had already passed away. His son was devastated; he wished both his parents would attend his birthday.

Unfortunately, in our country, even the tiniest wishes are killed by evil and corruption!