Jihad Omar

Colonel Jihad was raised by his mother Latifa El-Baba and his father Assad Omar, he grew up with five brothers and two sisters. He married Mrs. Susanne Hassan Darwish in 1987, and they had four children, Farah, Carine, Mohamed and Karim.

Colonel Jihad attended Chehim public secondary school, he was a brilliant, exemplary student. After his graduation, he enrolled in the military academy in 1980 as a first year cadet, and he was promoted to second lieutenant, in 1983. He continued to be promoted until he became lieutenant colonel in 2011. Colonel Jihad holds a university degree in psychology, and attended multiple military workshops, in and outside Lebanon.

He was an exceptional father, a perfect husband, and a keen officer who devoted his life to the service of his country; he lost his life on the 4th of August explosion. His wife speaks of him saying: "God bless your soul my love, my soulmate, the loyal husband, the good father, the faithful, caring, generous, modest, kind, honest, fun, and honorable man. Your body left this earthly world taking my soul, while my body will forever hold onto your soul."

On August 4, 2020, Colonel Jihad was fishing at the Port of Beirut, a hobby he had been practicing for the past ten years. He was about to leave and return home when warehouse number 12 exploded… Media channels reported the blast, and the colonel's family called him, but he never answered.

Two days later, there was still no news of him. His family was eagerly waiting for his return. They were looking for him in coordination with official bodies and rescue organizations. His son Mohamed –the hero– found his corpse at a hospital's morgue. The Colonel's family gathered at the military hospital in Badaro where his body was transferred by Lebanon's Armed Forces..

On august 6, 2020, an official funeral was organized for the martyr colonel, starting from the military hospital, passing by his home, to finally arrive to the village cemetery where he was buried.

The martyr colonel was awarded multiple medals, in addition to the National Order of the Cedar. He was also commended multiple times by the Commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces, throughout his military service.

Colonel Jihad physically left this world, leaving behind a flawless reputation, and his words of wisdom: "Forgive if you can".