Joe Noun

Joe was born in the village of Mechmech, in 1993, he grew up with an older sister Nancy, and a younger brother William. He studied Hospitality, and opened a restaurant with his family, back in their village.

Joe had a charismatic smile that never left his face, he was fun to be around, and full of life. He was very active in social events in his home town.

He was a member of Mechmech Cultural and Sports Club, and he was involved in an off-roading team.

Joe was also very religious,  he had recently revived a religious youth club, after years of inactiviy, and was elected club president.

Joe was physically fit, he had a passion for traditional athletics, and won many competitions. He was also passionate about hunting and car races. He dreamed of winning the lottery to buy his own rally car. Joe also loved music and gardening.

However, he was lately focused on completing works in the house he was building for himself near his family's home; he couldn’t wait to start his own family…

Joe joined the Beirut fire brigade in 2018… On August 4, 2020, he responded to an emergency call about a fire at the Port of Beirut.

He was seen in his last photo, opening the door to a burning warehouse number 12, before tragedy prevailed. This photo is a last memory of Joe who handled closed doors in firefighting missions. Suddenly, Joe was gone, and the doors to heaven were open.

Joe's family did not expect to bury their son twice… Fifty days after he was buried, the family received a call on September 23, telling them additional remains were found…

The second coffin was buried with the first, and they were both wrapped with the Lebanese flag. The family keeps the first flag as a memory of Joe.