Joud Hajj Steif

13-year old Joud never imagined she would witness one of the century's biggest explosions, when she sought refuge in Lebanon and joined her father, along her mom Khaldiya, and sisters, Latifa, Diana, and Dima.

Joud was born in Edleb in Syria, she attended school intermittently. She mostly witnessed war and conflict throughout her young years, instilling fear of an unknown future.

With the escalating conflict in her hometown, and the surge of terrorist armed groups, Joud, her mother, and sisters sought refuge in Lebanon, and joined her father who had already left a few years earlier. They fled the bloody war, looking for peace and safety.

In Lebanon, they lived in Karantina, and Joud felt safe… She started dreaming of a better future, she wanted to become a teacher, but her dreams were killed too soon. Joud was killed in her home, with her mother, and sister.

Their house was completely destroyed by the blast. Their roof fell over their heads. Joud, her mother, and sister Latifa passed away. Her two other sisters were wounded, they are still suffering to date.

Her dead body was evacuated from under the rubble to Rafic Hariri University Hospital. According to the medical report, she succumbed to extreme injuries and bleeding.

Young Joud could not part with her mom in life and death, they were buried together, with her older sister, in Darayya – Chouf.