Juliette Elias Saab

Juliette Elias Saab, born in 1965, of Lebanese nationality.

A new victim has joined the troops of the fallen after a year and eight months of the blast. It is the breathing martyr who stayed in a care center in Saida, receiving operation after operation.

She’s the mother who fought and worked hard for her family, the backbone of her husband during his illness, and the light to her kids in his absence.

Juliette was the daughter of Elias Salim Saab and Warda Nicolas Costantine, and the sister of Salim and Norma.

Juliette’s hometown was Maghdoucheh, where she grew up and went to school. She studied sewing and perfected it and later built her career around it.

Juliette met her soulmate Salam Michel Aoude from Medawar- Karantina, and their love resulted in them having two children. Samuel who is now 22 years old, and Sibelle who is 15 years old. Juliette was widowed two years before the catastrophe of the port explosion befell her.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and Juliette’s eyes told the story of the very difficult life she had. Her absence shocked all who knew her, especially considering she was one of the few who passed away from the neighborhood.
On the fourth of August Juliette was standing in front of the building where she lived. When the fire in the port started, she rushed to check on her kids, but to no avail. The explosion was faster than her and left her bleeding on the stairs between the fourth and fifth floor. Half an hour had passed before one of her neighbors transported her to Saint Charles hospital, where she went into a coma and her health deteriorated. After her examination, the medical report stated that she suffered from brain damage.

Since that day and the mother of two had been in a coma, combatting the agony tearing her apart, impatiently waiting to get back to her children who were injured due to the blast as well.
After many prayers, Juliette woke up from a deep, deathly sleep that lasted 600 days, unconscious of her surrounding and of the tragedy that fell upon her.

Juliette took her last breath on Saturday 26 March 2022, and a religious ceremony was held for her on Sunday 27 March 2022 in the family cemetery in Tyr.