Kamal Kafa

Kamal comes from Akkar, the Lebanese army's reservoir. Its youth enlist with the military organization, ready to sacrifice themselves for their country. Kamal Kafa was no different.

40-year old Kamal spent more than half his life with the Lebanese army. He enlisted after he graduated from school, and was gradually promoted until he became a Warrant Officer.

He wanted to become a Second Lieutenant, prepared, and studied hard to make it happen. He was regretfully promoted to martyr, leaving behind three children and a wife, still mourning his loss.

He was crazy about his children, and very much in love with his wife; he was extremely proud of her. Kamal was respected and appreciated by his acquaintances, friends, and relatives. He was a problem solver, and a great listener.

Kamal was a great leader for his fellow army men at the military. He was always the first to respond in dangerous missions, and was a potential martyr on multiple occasions. A few days before his passing, he told his brother: "I will die a martyr".

On August 3. 2020, Kamal woke up early. He kissed his children hard before he left. Did he feel that something huge was going to happen? Did he know that he was fated to die the next afternoon in one big horrible event? How did death cheat his young life so mercilessly?

Kamal was supposed to return home on Monday evening. However, due to the long distance between Akkar and Beirut, he decided to stay at work. He called his coworker that was supposed to replace him, and told him he will be staying on duty until Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday August 4, 2020, everything was normal, until a first explosion was heard at the Port of Beirut. Smoke was seen rising above one of the port warehouses. The officer in charge called Kamal and asked him to send someone to check what was happening. Kamal responded with his usual initiative, "I will go, Sir."

Kamal left his post and never came back… The nightmare of Lebanon's capital is very much true…