Khodor Chafiq Badr

Khodor was kind and friendly, yet, at the same time he was a man of his word.

His family was his chief priority; his wife Fatima was the very meaning of life and love. His children were the reason for happiness and hope. His grandchildren were the fuel to his soul. Life without him is heartbreaking. He was a unique beautiful soul.

In Khodor's life, there are many stories worth telling. The most compelling is probably the one where he had a very close brush with death. He was coming back from a business trip in Turkey with his cousin, when their car rolled over at the Lebanese Syrian borders, and stopped at the edge of a deep valley. A God sent person saved them and disappeared before they could even show their gratitude.

Khodor spent so many sleepless nights discussing his children's future with his wife. The job alone is no more enough, it would be foolish to think otherwise. Thus, he decided to start his own trade business, and he opened a clothing store in the neighborhood of Tarik Jdide, and it changed their lives for the better. Khodor did not benefit alone from his success, but helped his siblings improve their quality of life, and supported them all the way.

Khodor suffered from diabetes, and he was recently bound to receive specific treatment at the hospital, a treatment that could no more be postponed.

He was hospitalized with a hope to get better soon. He did not know that a few days later he will bid his loved ones farewell forever. The last chapter of his life story was closed on a tragic note.

Khodor was ecstatic he would be discharged in a few days. Suddenly, an earthquake like explosion hit in the middle of Beirut wreaking havoc with its shock waves. Khodor's veins were cut by the shards of glass shattering all over his body. A week later, he passed away at 66; Sixty-six years of love and giving.