Lisa Hagop Kawoukjian

Lisa was born in Bourj Hammoud, and grew up in Kornet Chehwan. She attended Yeghishe Manoukian College in Dbaye, and graduated from university. Lisa did not have a professional career, she preferred to be a stay at home mom, to take care of her two children. She was the perfect wife, and she only wanted to be a model mother for her kids.

Lisa was a calm, respectful woman; her husband Dekran talks about her saying: "Lisa always talked in a low-pitched voice, she was scared to unintentionally hurt or bother anyone, with her voice or conversation."

Her family always came first. Dekran was very proud of Lisa, he trusted her for all of her good qualities. She was indeed a beautiful woman, inside and out.

On August 4, 2020, the family was home. A little bit before 6:00 PM, they heard some weird sounds, and Lisa's husband and son went up to the roof to check what was happening. When the first explosion happened, Lisa and her daughter were worried, but her husband and son found shelter on the other side of the roof.

The force of the second explosion threw them off, and Lisa hit her head hard and bled from her nose… Her daughter screamed for her dad to save her mom… Dekran and his cousin evacuated her to the hospital. Unfortunately, Lisa had already lost her life, amid destruction, blood, and wailing. Her serene beautiful life was cut short in the middle of a dramatic chaos.