Liza Chakerian

“It’s an earthquake!” Those were the exact words of Liza on August 4, 2020. She recalls: “August 4 was not another regular day. I woke up with a lingering uncomfortable feeling. I thought it was related to the death of my mother which greatly affected me.”

Liza decided to visit her father to lighten up and help him with some house chores, but the ground underneath her started shaking and she fell down. She continues: “I felt something push me away from the balcony, and I found myself, seconds later, covered in blood.”

“I don’t remember anything from that day except for the smell of death, the destruction, people screaming, and children crying. I remember people erratically running in the streets looking for an operational hospital.” She adds: “I couldn’t go to the hospital despite the severe injuries I sustained. My hand ligaments were torn, and I had a minor injury in my leg.”

One day after the explosion, Liza went to the hospital to start her treatment journey. She underwent multiple hand surgeries and stopped working during that time. She went through tremendous pain for over six months, followed by intensive physical therapy, until her hand recovered.

Liza lives in constant fear, and although she is physically healed, she is still struggling emotionally. She wants to forget what happened on August 4, but her injuries remind her of that horrific day.

Liza wraps her arms around her son and says: “I want justice, and nothing can make up for my loss. Pain will be with me forever.”
She believes that those injured in the blast must receive much-needed support, emotionally and otherwise, to recover from the explosion.