Mahdi Hassan Roni

Mahdi, the eldest of four siblings, grew up in Bangladesh. A high school graduate, he did not find a job opportunity that would make him financially stable to help provide for his family.  He decided to travel to Lebanon like many of his friends before him, following the possibility of a better income.

He arrived to Beirut on March 9, 2014, with a group of friends, and they settled in a small apartment close to Hotel Dieu Hospital, they worked together at Spinneys supermarket – Achrafieh branch. Mahdi always put his family first, and he worked hard to financially support them.

At work, he was reputable and trustworthy. He was modest, helpful, well mannered, and always smiling. He never complained, and always went the extra mile to be of good standing.

His death in the August 4 explosion was heartbreaking. On that afternoon, Mahdi was at the cashier's, packing clients' groceries, unaware of what was happening at the Port of Beirut.  In one tragic moment the nitrate ammonium at warehouse number 12 at the port exploded, sending shock waves through the city, causing a glass panel to fall over Mahdi's head, killing him instantly.

The Lebanese Red Cross evacuated his dead body to Mount Lebanon Hospital. According to the medical report, he died of an extreme hemorrhage and serious head injuries.

Mahdi's dead body remained at the hospital's morgue for almost a month, to complete travel paperwork.