Mahmoud Said

Mahmoud was born in Akkar in 1998; he started working at seventeen. He built a life for himself, got married, and became a father of two.

Mahmoud experienced life's hardships at an early age, yet, he was responsible and mature. He was a good husband, and a great father. He worked at a restaurant in Gemmayze to provide for his family.

On August 4, Mahmoud was complaining from a stomach ache, he went with his mother to see the doctor who ordered a gastroscopy and multiple lab tests. He left the doctor's office around 2:00 PM, and had lunch with his mother who asked him to skip work and come back home with her. He told her he needed to pass by the restaurant and get milk for his babies.

He arrived to work at 4:30 PM. At 6:07 PM, an explosion blew up the Port of Beirut, he was trapped under the wall of the restaurant he worked at, and died instantly. Shortly after, his father received the shocking news of his son's passing.

22-year old Mahmoud was an innocent man who did not deserve a fate that left his daughters and unborn son without a father they could love, a father they could make memories with, and a father they could lean on…

Mahmoud, a martyr, victim of the Beirut blast, also left a heartbroken wife, and an inconsolable mother. He lost his life so suddenly… His teary father says with a muffled voice: "our most important person is gone, whatever they do, they can't make it up for us".

What did this family do to deserve the tragedy of losing a young son?