Malak Bazaza

Malak was born in Beirut, and attended school in Bourj Abi Haidar. She was trustworthy, and the confidante of her friends, family, and coworkers. Malak was, as her name suggests, an angel. Yet, despite her calm demeanor, she was a strong character, and a hard worker.

Her siblings studied in the Lebanese University, but after her graduation, she decided to enroll in the Lebanese International University (LIU), and earned a degree in Banking and Finance. She also had a talent for painting and photography.

Malak was a very responsible young woman; she decided to work at a clothing store to help her father cover her private university tuition fees. She trained for two years at Banque du Liban, and then got a job at LibanPost, where she worked for the last seven years. She always remembered her parents and siblings' birthdays, and organized happy gatherings.

30-year old Malak, was married to Ali Ayoub, and a mother of two… At the moment of the explosion, she was with her husband, mother, siblings, and a few other relatives, having lunch at Loris Restaurant, in Gemmayze.

When they heard the first explosion, Malak jumped off her seat, frightened… A few seconds later, the second explosion blew warehouse number 12 at the Port of Beirut, shock waves from the blast pushed Malak off her place. Her mother and sister were wounded.

Malak was missing until the next day when she was evacuated to Al-Arz Hospital; she was already dead.