Marie Farhat

"Marie had the kindest heart"; that is what her neighbors and relatives think of her. For her family, she was the very meaning of life.

Every time her husband Michel felt the weight of life so heavy, he would turn to his wife Marie, whose smile would restore his resolve and determination.

Her children, Fahim, Rima, and Joseph, still cannot fathom her death. They still long for her face, they wish to hear her voice; she loved them beyond this universe, and taught them all they need to survive.

Marie was generous; she would give, and would wait for nothing in return. According to her neighbors and relatives, she was the sound of reason in the middle of chaos. Around her they felt free.

Marie hated any kind of routine, she looked at life with a new mindset every day, giving it her all.

She was in her eighties, proud of her children, and fond of her grandchildren; they have added a fun happy dimension to her world.

A few days before the horrible deadly explosion, Marie broke her leg. On the tragic, ill-fateful, August 4, she was in her hospital bed at Saint George Hospital. Her son, who was with her at the time, left her bedside moments before the blast, to visit another patient on the 7th floor of the same hospital. Was it fate playing the story it carved so perfectly, or did he unconsciously feel what was coming?

A few moments later the hospital turned into a scene from a horror movie. Marie died trapped under the roof of her hospital room. She took with her the feeling of peace she always cast around.

She left behind a corrupted – terminally ill nation.