Marie Tawk

Marie was taken so soon, on the darkest evening, in a company that was supposed to bring the light… Marie did not write the news this time, she was herself the heartbreaking broadcast.

She was the youngest sibling, and had three brothers, Yousef, Michel (a martyr of the Lebanese army), and Ghassan. "Micheline", as she was called by her loved ones, was pampered in her childhood. She was caring, loving, and an excellent student. She held to those qualities growing up, and graduating, with distinction, from the Lebanese University Faculty of Information. She worked as a journalist in a local magazine, before she settled at Electricity of Lebanon, fourteen years ago; she became the media consultant for the company, a dedicated employee who never left the office before the Chairman, General Manager Engineer Kamal Hayek, finished his work at the company, even if it extended well into the evening hours.

Everyone loved Marie for her modesty and ethics. She was a strong character, and at the same time a beautiful human being. She was compared to a saint during her funeral. She was a religious person, and a strong believer in God from a young age. Aunt Marie was not married, but she was like a mother to her brother's Ghassan three children, Dib, Hanadi, and Michel, who loved her dearly and trusted her blindly.

She accomplished her dreams on the career front, scoring a high ranked position in one of the country's top companies, reflecting a shiny image of the establishment; Marie was not affiliated with any political party, she was just Lebanese. She was happy with her life, but she wished more for her country, and dreamed of a better future for the new generation.

Her loved ones wish they could know what happened to Micha on that horrible Tuesday evening. On that day, she went to work, as usual, and stayed overtime. The explosion destroyed the company's building facing the Port of Beirut. Employees who were still at the company started calling each other's names. Marie did not say a word, she died instantly. The Lebanese media sector lost a reference on electricity in Lebanon.

She was evacuated by the Lebanese Red Cross, and her family received the heartbreaking news of her death. For them, every day is another August 4, their only consolation, is that she was a bright star in a dark scenery.