Marine Elias Elias

Marine was an iron lady. She was born in Syria, but her soul and heart belonged to Lebanon; she moved to this country when she got married at twenty years old. She settled with her husband in Rmeil in Beirut.

Marine was a mother of five, she raised them all on the importance of love, values, ethics, and religion. Her family was always a chief priority. She devoted her life to her children. She was always there to support their dreams and ambitions.

Marine did not hold an academic degree, but she worked in handmade crafts and sewing, and she financially supported her husband when he suffered from an economic crisis.

Her only dream always revolved around a prefect loving family, and she was proud and content to have seen her children all grown up, and to have lived to meet her grandchildren.

On the afternoon of August 4, Marine was at the hairdresser's. She returned home around 5:50 PM, and sent her helper to the pharmacy to get some medicine. When warehouse number 12 at the Port of Beirut exploded, Marine's house shook, and she fell to the floor, shards of glass and rubble fell all over her body. Her bloodied body could not help her stand on her feet.

Her daughter Vicky, who lived in Mtayleb, tried calling her mother, but Marine did not answer. A little while later the Ethiopian helper could make it back to the house, and found Marine bleeding on the floor. She immediately called Vicky who rushed to her mother's house. She found her in a desperate state. She was hit by the door and a mirror fell all over her body, causing a serious extensive head injury. Her hand bones were showing, and one of her fingers was cut off.

Marine was evacuated in a small truck to the hospital, as it was impossible for an ambulance or even a regular car to reach her place. She arrived to Jeitawi Hospital that was hugely affected by the blast; she stayed there until 4:00 AM, before she was transferred again, for lack of equipment. She arrived to Al Zahraa Hospital around 5:00 AM, and she stayed in the intensive care unit from August 5 until September 20, when she succumbed to her wounds. Marine bid her children farewell, and went on her eternal journey.