Mazen Zwaihed

Mazen is the second son of Raja and Lina Zwaihed. Despite growing up and attending school in Choueifat, he was most fond of his home town Hasbaya that he would visit every time he could; there, he would practice his hunting hobby, in its vast landscapes.

In Hasbaya, he fell in love for the first time, a love that filled his heart until his last moment on earth. A few days before the tragic August 4, he told his sweetheart that he finally obtained a construction permit, to build their family home.

Mazen was self-made, he worked really hard and carried on huge responsibilities at a young age. He worked and studied at the same time, until he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After his graduation, he worked for different companies, but he always looked for better opportunities to enhance his career, until he settled in a company located in the Port of Beirut neighborhood.

On the ill-fateful August 4, Mazen was at work. During the day he called his mother and girlfriend multiple times, as if he knew a few hours later he will be no more…

It was around 5:00 PM when he called his brother Wael, and informed him he will be working overtime to finish some tasks.

When he heard about the explosion, Wael called Mazen to check up on him, but the latter did not answer… It was late in the evening, and he was not home yet. His parents got extremely worried… Rescue teams were already looking for victims in the rubble, and they were searching the company Mazen worked for, close to the Port of Beirut.

He was found dead under the rubble… a close-by shop owner identified him.

His family gathered at Saint Joseph hospital to say their final goodbye to a young son who was always determined to make the best out of his life. Regrettably, his dreams died with him…