Mireille Germanos

A volunteering angel… She assisted patients and eased their pain, but she did not expect anyone in this corrupt rotten government to ease hers…

The youngest in her family, Mireille had two older sisters, Joyce and Sandra… She was the apple of her father's eye, and her mother's sweetheart. She grew up in Baysour, and attended Ecole Saint Joseph de l'Apparition in Saida. She went to Labaa public school for her high school years. She was a good student who was passionate about sports. She participated in scout camps and youth religious groups. She had an adventurous spirit, and a passion for serving others. Thus, she volunteered with the Lebanese Red Cross in Jezzine for seven years. For the same reason, she earned a nursing degree from the Lebanese University, and worked tirelessly for years afterwards.

"Miro", as her friends call her, was known for her smile, happiness, and helpfulness. She wanted to earn her master's degree, and establish a side personal business as an event planner. She was already making huge steps in that direction when her dreams were cut short.

On August 4, Mireille was supposed to be home with her family, but she had agreed with a coworker to switch their shifts for the next fifteen days. It was the second day of the second week, and she was on the 6th floor of Saint George Hospital where she was the head nurse of the cardiology department. The nurse call button rang in the room facing the nurses' station where Mireille was standing with another nurse. They called them to see the fire at the Port of Beirut facing the patient's room, according to her mother Sayde, who checked the floor after the explosion…

As soon as Mireille arrived in the room, a huge explosion shattered everything around her. Things were flying everywhere and something hit her on the head, causing internal and external bleeding. Her colleagues tried to save her, but she was only alive for two minutes afterwards. She was evacuated to the French Hospital of the Levant, but she had already died.

Beautiful adventurous Mireille died too soon with three other coworkers … Her nephew Kevin, who was waiting for her to come home, so they could play together and he could sleep next to her, misses her so much… And so is her family who wedded her to be an angel in the sky.