Misal Hawa

28-year old Misal had the purest heart. In his home town Baassir, they describe him as a man of values who finds joy and happiness in helping others. At school he was not top of his class, but he was talented for mathematics. On the career front, he worked at a private company for a short period of time, and quit to look for a better opportunity in the public sector.

He applied multiple times to join the fire brigade and Lebanon's Internal Security Forces. His physical and mental skills got him advanced grades, but unfortunately, he still needed a push from political or religious leaders to make it through. A few failing trials later, he decided to stop trying.

In 2017, someone told him about volunteering opportunities at the Beirut Fire Brigade. He gave it no importance, but his mother encouraged him to try again. Did he know when she convinced him that he will one day die in a fire? Did she know she will mourn him for the remaining of her days? In death, memories can be a double edged sword.

His mother recalls the day Misal came back home after his mission extinguishing the wildfire in the town of Damour; he was so tired and told her: "Is there a better death than a death in the flames?"

Misal cared most about his family. His unemployed ill father was in pain seeing his eldest son taking on all financial responsibilities without complaining, refusing to let his siblings work to share his burdens, he only wanted them to focus on their education.

August 4 was not a regular day for his mother and other family members. Before he got off to work in the early morning, his mother hugged him hard and tight, for a long time, as if she knew something unbelievable was going to happen.

At 6:07 PM, Misal died in a huge explosion while he was extinguishing the fire at warehouse number 12 at the Port of Beirut, leaving behind memories of better happy days.