Mizan Jahangian Kha

Mizan was born in Bangladesh in 1995. He left his home country fleeing his difficult economic and living conditions. He arrived to Lebanon in 2018, to give his little 2-year old daughter a better life.

Mizan was a quiet nice young man who was dedicated and honest in his day to day life. He was appreciated and respected by everyone who knew him.

On august 4, Mizan had just finished his shift as a housekeeper, and went home in Gemmayze, where he lived with three other coworkers. At 6:07 PM, a huge explosion hit Beirut and two of his flat mates were injured while the third remained unscathed. Mizan's fate was the worst, he was hit on the head, and he died immediately.

Mizan, who was far away from his family, had no one in Lebanon except for his employer who rushed to evacuate him to Jeitawi Hospital. But due to the massive destruction it suffered after the explosion, there was not even a morgue to place his dead body until the paperwork is done. He was thus transferred to Elias Hrawi Governmental Hospital in Zahle, but the morgue was out of service. He was transferred again to tal Chiha Hospital in Zahle where he remained for the next five days. When his paperwork was completed, he was flown to Bangladesh.

This is the tragic story of Mizan who came to Lebanon to start a life, and left it dead, two years later. He arrived to his home country in a coffin ready to be buried.