Mohamad Ahmad Ayrout

Mohamad is the third child in a family of four boys and a girl. He was born in Baniyas in Syria, in 1998. 22-year old Mohamad was a good son who never disobeyed his parents, he was loving, respectful, amiable, and easy to be around.

Mohamad graduated from school and enrolled in university but soon dropped out to join the maritime academy to become a sea captain. Yet, before his graduation from the academy, he was recruited by a sea ships company, starting his professional journey at sea.

On August 4, 2020, two hours before the explosion, Mohamad docked at the Beirut Port harbor for the first time onboard "Raouf H" vessel to deliver a grains shipment.

He called his mother twenty minutes before the explosion and told her they will be done by the next morning and he should be back to Tartous Port soon. His mother was ecstatic; she was finally going to see him on the fifth day of Adha after so much waiting. She passed the phone to his father who was still talking to him when the line suddenly cut.

His parents learned about the explosion an hour and a half later, and they started a virtual search for their son who was at the port. They called the company he worked for, as well as their friends and acquaintances in Lebanon. There was no news about their son.

They tried to follow every trail that would mention their son Mohamad on the media, when they suddenly heard the reporter talking about their son's crew: "Mohamad Ahmad Aryout – Baniyas – critical condition – hemorrhage". They learned their son's death two days after the explosion.

Mohamad returned to his hometown a martyr. “There has never been such a funeral in Banyas”, his funeral was a huge one, attended by the whole town, young and old. His mother is forever proud of her martyr son.