Mohamad Alaa El Din

Mohamad, the youngest of seven siblings, was born in Ketrmaya. Obviously he was pampered by his parents and his whole family. He was helpful and dynamic. He always looked happy, and his smile would never leave his face. He was also a humanitarian and often volunteered to distribute food boxes to needy families.

Mohamad dropped out of school to work with his father in construction sites, but he still aimed for a permanent, full time position. He worked for a potato chips distribution company, and as a security guard during the night. He later settled with a security company that appointed him as a security guard for a building in Saifi. Mohamad dreamed of building his own home, in fact, he already paid a down payment to start construction works.

On August 4, 2020, Mohamad reported to work at 2:00 PM. When the huge explosion rocked Beirut city, his family tried calling him but he didn’t answer his phone. An hour and a half later, they received a phone call from his supervisor telling them Mohamad was wounded and evacuated to Haddad Hospital. His brothers rushed to the hospital but it was completely destroyed. They searched for him in all hospitals until 10:00 AM the next morning, but they did not find him. His brother learned through his connections that Mohamad was evacuated on a motorcycle to Saint Joseph Hospital.

At 1:30 PM, the family went to the hospital and learned the truth: Mohamad could not be saved. The force of the explosion pushed him inside the building and his head hit the stairs; he also received a hit on the chest, fracturing his bones and causing an internal hemorrhage. Something also hit his head and cut it open.