Mohamad Ghosn

Mohamed was born on January 15, 1987 in Akkar Al-Atiqa, and he grew up into a fine young man full of life. Yet, like many people his age, he was struggling to survive the economic crisis in Lebanon.
Mohamed was a member of the Internal Security Forces, and worked hard to preserve safety and security that were shaken to the core by the third biggest non-nuclear explosion in the world.
Mohamed’s life has turned upside down, and he is afraid of the future that awaits him in the aftermath of the explosion and the injury he sustained on that fateful day. He recalls the painful events of August 4 down to the tiniest detail, saying it was a nightmare. He was at his duty station in Mar Elias in Beirut at 6:07 PM; he thought an earthquake had hit Beirut and he ran trying to save himself. A few seconds later, the second explosion roared, and he fell on his right leg, which he still suffers from today; an excruciating pain and a swelling that prevents him from walking at times.
Mohamed describes his conflicted feelings on that day as he stood confused at the sight of shattered glass all around him and the horrific scenes on TV. He did not seek medical treatment, nor did he go from one hospital to another due to his difficult financial situation. He knows there are no solutions in a failed state, and he believes a life in pain is a thousand times easier than the hardships of medical care in Lebanon.
Mohamed does not want much, he doesn’t want to know what happened on August 3, and he doesn’t want anything from the Lebanese government, he only wishes to live peacefully with his family far from the hurtful memories he carries within.