Mohamad Doughaim

Mohamad was born in Burj El Barajne camp. At four, he moved with his family to Haret Hreik, where he grew up, got married, and had children in his same childhood house.

Mohamad attended two different schools before he dropped out and enrolled in a vocational training center in Mar Elias, where he trained to become a hairdresser. He launched his own hairdressing salon for women at twenty. Mohamad was also a talented volley ball player.

Despite his fifty years of age his mother Rania still pampered him, because he was the youngest of her children. He was the most dynamic, helpful, brave, and generous person you would ever meet.

Mohamad was married, he had four daughters and a son, and he was the only provider for his family that lost him on a tragic Tuesday afternoon.

"I am going to run a small errand, keep your eye on the salon", Mohamad told his neighbor before he left his salon in Haret Hreik.

He was with his nephew in Achrafeh at 6:07 PM when a huge explosion wreaked havoc around them. He had picked up his nephew who was doing his lab tests in Beirut Governmental Hospital in Karantina, and they were on their way to pick up his daughter who was at the dentist in Hamra.

After the explosion, Mohamad parked his car and told his nephew he was feeling a pain in his chest. A few seconds later he lost consciousness. His heart stopped, and his nephew took him to Hotel Dieu Hospital, but he had already passed away.