Mohamad Hussein Sibai

Mohamad was born in Burj El Barajne in 1991, to Hajj Hussein and Amal Sibaii, He grew up with his brother Rabih and his sisters, Iman and Samah. He was married to Batoul Sabra, and they had two children Joud (7) and Adam (7 months).

Mohamad studied electrical engineering at a vocational institute, but dropped out to join the workforce and financially support his family, before he could earn his degree. He worked as a truck driver at a shipping company in the Port of Beirut.

Abou Joud was reputable and trustworthy; he would always say: "no one takes his riches to the grave, you should enjoy life while you are still here". However, he lived a modest life, and he did not dare dream beyond his capabilities. He always sought his mother's approval and satisfaction, and she speaks of him saying: "Mohamad worked so hard from a very young age. And like every good father, he only cared about providing a bright future for his children; he wanted to make sure they would never need anyone else".

On August 4, Mohamad’s working shift was scheduled between 1:00 PM and 9:00 PM. His wife recalls that there was a problem with his car, and he asked his manager if he could leave early to fix it. On his way out, he saw the fire at warehouse number 12, and like every other employee he stopped to take photos and footage of the flames, and sent them to his wife. Suddenly, communication with him was completely lost, he was last seen on WhatsApp at 6:05 PM. Batoul called him again and again but there was no answer… His uncle and brother, who also worked at the port but left a bit earlier, went there to look for him. There was massive destruction and flames everywhere. He was missing; long agonizing hours of anxiety and prayer, but the sad news still arrived. Abou Joud was found dead. He was evacuated to Al-Rasoul Al-Aazam Hospital, and according to the medical report, he died of an internal hemorrhage caused by the force of the explosion.