Mohamad Issa Hammoud

Mohamad was born in 1989 in Halab in Syria, to Issa and Turkiya Al-Hammoud. He had eight sisters and three brothers. He was married to Ibrissam Al-Ali and they had three children, Hadil (7), Wissam (4), and Issa (1.5).

Abou Wissam was a young, thin, but healthy young man. He was a god-fearing, religious person who prioritized his family. Everyone praised his manners and bravery. He was a good husband, and a great caring father who found in his children a reason to stay strong. He worked hard to make a good living. He loved Lebanon so much, and worked as a concierge in East Village building in Mar Mikhael.

On the afternoon of August 4, Mohamad was on the 12th floor of the building with a client who was checking the apartment for rent. They stood watching the fire and smoke above the Port of Beirut. Suddenly, two consecutive explosions destroyed the port sending shock waves throughout the city. Hours after the explosion, Mohamad's family was still looking for him in the rubble. He was found on the 12th floor, lying on the floor. He was immediately evacuated to Al-Arz Hospital, because nearby hospitals could not admit patients. According to the medical report, he died of extreme bleeding from shards of glass hitting his body.

He was buried in Darayya – Chouf, because it was logistically impossible to take him through the borders to Syria because of the coronavirus lockdown restrictions. The next day a decision was made allowing dead and wounded to go through the borders, but he was meant to be buried in Lebanon, the land he loved.