Mohamad Ladiki

Mohamad grew up in Bourj Hammoud, but due to the Lebanese civil war, his family moved to Beirut’s southern suburb. At seventeen, he dropped out of school and worked as a cab driver; he was the eldest son, and was responsible for his family. In 2011, he found a job at a mechanical and industrial products distribution company. Four years ago, he was employed by Mechanical Supply Center, as a hardware distributor.

57-year old Mohamad was intuitive and witty, he understood life's secrets and its hardships. He wished to give his children the gift of education so they could reach their life goals, and realize their dreams. He was sociable; a people person, generous, young at heart, and fun to be around.

Life taught him to be brave, and to face challenges with a strong will and an unbreakable faith. During the Lebanese civil war, he evacuated the wounded and helped those in need. He feared nothing.

On august 4, Mohamad returned home from work, and sat down for lunch. He heard the sounds of airplanes, and went out to the balcony to check what was happening. His neighbors asked him what it was, and he told them: "these are probably Israeli jets breaking the sound barrier, maybe they fired a missile". He was going inside when the glass doors shattered. He fell down to the floor with his wife. When his wife came back to her senses, after the second explosion, she saw Mohamad, and his face was swollen, his eyes were popped out by the force of the explosion. Two of his fingers were cut off, and his leg bone ruptured. His son Muhieddine arrived to evacuate him. Mohamad was suffering from a brain hemorrhage, a brain fracture, a fracture in his facial bones, seven fractures in his hands and legs, amputated fingers, and a pulmonary hemorrhage. He was admitted to the intensive care unit at Haroun Hospital where he stayed in a coma, for the next thirty-one days. After multiple operations, he suffered from a high fever and a low blood pressure. His organs failed, and he passed away.