Mohamad Yasser Slaibi

Mohamad was born in 2003, in Ksar Nabba, to Yasser and Amal Salibi, who gave him and his younger brother Ali so much love. He graduated from AlAfak Institute with a degree in electricity.

Mohamad, who was not even eighteen yet, was the hope of a better future for his parents, and a backbone to his brother. He was loved and appreciated by everyone who met him; he was friendly, decent, kind, helpful, and absolutely brave. He was also generous and always there for those in need.

He left in silence! Mohamad's martyrdom happened twice. He was first the victim of a lacking road safety, then he was the victim of a bloody explosion, while he was at the hospital recovering from his first brush with death. Mohamad had been in a car accident in his village of Ksar Nabba a few days earlier. He was taken to Jeitawi Hopsital in Achrafieh to be treated from a head trauma.

After a few days at the hospital, Mohamad was recovering well, but a huge horrible explosion rocked the city of Beirut and destroyed its hospitals, including the hospital he was staying at. The force of the explosion wreaked havoc in the building, things were flying around, and a window fell over Mohamad… He was under the shock and too scared by what just happened. His family tried to transfer him to another room in the same hospital, but it was impossible.  Oxygen supply was cut off as a result to the blast, and he started turning blue. Mohamad was urgently transferred to Bhannes Hospital where he spent the next nine days. His health condition worsened day after day, until he lost his battle on August 13, 2020.

Mohamad shall be God's witness to the corruption of Lebanon's criminal elite, according to his uncle.