Nadia Bachir

85-year old Nadia was born in Douma. She lived in pride and comfort until the last day of her life. Her angelic face was still radiant despite her old age; she was beautiful until her last moment…

Nadia did everything in her power to help those in need…

As a young girl, she blushed when Frederic proposed. He was the anchor in her life, she trusted him with her heart and soul. Unfortunately, he died during the Lebanese civil war. While she was still mourning his loss, she realized she should be strong for her children. She devoted her life to raise them, and she was for them like water is to life.

Nadia had a talent for depicting people's true colors, and was thus responsible for the management of her late husband's business.

She was so fond of her grandchildren who dearly miss her, they miss her smile that would comfort them, and they will never recover from the shock of her death. Her children will mourn her loss beyond this life.

On august 4, Nadia was in her hospital bed. She was recovering from a fatigue…  She woke up that morning looking better. She didn’t know that a few hours later, everything will turn into a bloody war zone.

In a second, the hospital she was staying at turned into a wreckage. Her family believes the way she died holds much deceit and humiliation. She was transferred to another hospital without letting them know, under another name, and without her medical records. Thus, doctors in the hospital she was transferred to could not treat her. She entered into a coma for the next five days, after which she passed away like a wilted flower.