Nawal Hamdan

Nawal was born in Deir Ezzor in Syria and lived her childhood among the orchards and the prairie. She grew up in vast landscapes, and lived a simple life, around people who hold truth in their smiles… She was deeply rooted in her home town. She'd wake up at dawn to work in planting and irrigating, and would only come home at sunset. As a child, she was beautiful and bright, everyone loved her…

On a warm morning, and as Nawal was preparing to go out, her cousin came and told her, "I will walk with you to the fields." Later that day he told her they needed each other through life… Nawal was probably waiting for Alaa to swipe her off her feet, and take her into his home, making his heart, a home for her dreams…

Soon after their marriage, Nawal gave birth to their first child. The days after that turned darker, and Syria turned into a death counter… Terrorist organizations were taking over, controlling, killing, and oppressing. Nawal had to endure this darkness alone because her husband had already left for Lebanon a while back, for work. In her home town, terrorists created chaos and forbid people to even leave their houses.

She spent four years in her house, away from her husband, using up all her patience. She would look at her son's little face and think to herself, how much more could she bear? But because their love was stronger than circumstances, Alaa worked hard to bring his wife and son to Lebanon.

On a dark night, she left her house holding her child. She sought the help of her relatives to cross to the other side, leaving a life behind.

In Lebanon, she lived in Achrafieh, in a concierge room with her husband, and tried to make ends meet with the little resources they had. She was positive trying to forget the years they spent apart…

On August 4, Nawal did not know she will die between the walls of the city she ran to from hatred and terrorism, in her home country.

She was in her room, in the building where her husband works, when she breathed her last breath, while she still had so much to live for.