Nazar Najarian

63-year old Nazar was born in Ras Beirut; shortly after his birth his family moved to Khandak el Ghamik, where he grew up playing in the backyard of the Syriac Church. "Nazo" got involved in politics early on. At Saint Joseph University, he met Cheikh Bachir Gemayel for the first time, and attended multiple political training workshops. He also undertook different missions during the Lebanese civil war, as he believed in the values of his political party, and the duty he had towards his home country.

Nazar was also a successful business man; he lived in Qatar for years, working hard to provide a good life for his wife Joumana, and children Magaly and Michel.

He was proud of his children. He taught them well, and he was satisfied to have fulfilled his role as a father, as best as he could. They were also proud of him, Nazar was loving and supportive; he built a trust relationship between them, and kept his beloved daughter's secrets and was looking forward see her kids. She says, "I am so lucky he was my father. He was always my hero and my role model".

Nothing could replace Nazar’s love for Lebanon. He recently received an offer from the Kataeb party, and thus left his family and highly ranked position at a private company, and returned to Beirut.

He was appointed secretary-general for the Kataeb party. He was responsible for the party's administrative and organizational matters. He did not need much time to create positive change, leading to the party's rebirth.

He spent long hours at work… But he was ecstatic when his wife Joumana returned to stay with him. She was the love of his life, and she would always ask him if he will still hold her hand in the car like he did in thir youth. He was waiting for her to come back so he could prove their love is stronger than time.

On August 4, Nazar was still at the office at Beit al Kataeb in Saifi, close to the Port of Beirut. He suffered from a head trauma and was evacuated to the Hospital. At the hospital, he succumbed to his wounds… He was buried on august 8, 2020… His life shall be remembered.