Pamela Issa

August 4, 2020, was just another normal day for Pamela. She had just left work and was headed to Hamra area to pick up her sister before going home in Hazmiyeh.

On her way back home, she took the port route, and suddenly saw smoke filling the sky. She stopped for a moment to take photos and video footage of the fire, as many people do when they witness a strange event. However, before she could leave the area, a huge earthquake-like explosion happened. Pamela says: “My car flew off the ground, and I started screaming. When my car finally stopped moving, I saw body parts flying out of car windows, and people covered in blood aimlessly running around.”

Pamela recalls that she and her sister went to several hospitals trying to treat their wounds, but they were unable to receive any kind of treatment until their father arrived and took them to Saint Charles Hospital.
Pamela lost her hand tendons and sustained a head injury. She underwent several surgeries to correct her condition.

Two years after the Beirut blast, Pamela still can’t find her peace because she wants to know who caused the explosion. She only wants the truth, while she hides her pain inside of her, and wishes a ship would take her away from the country that messed her well-being.