Rizol Mounir Sikda

Rizol was born in 1982, to a modest Bangladeshi family with four children, he was the eldest. He graduated from school in his home country, and traveled to Lebanon in 2010 to improve his financial and economic conditions. He worked and lived with his cousin Sadek, at Wardieh gas station in the Port pf Beirut neighborhood.

His employer speaks highly of him, and describes him as a trustworthy dedicated employee who never complained on the job. He worked at the gas station for more than eight years, and was a supervisor on the day shift.

Rizol sent most of his salary to his family in Bangladesh, as he was planning to marry his Bangladeshi fiancée in October 2020. But death was faster than his plans, he died with his cousin Rasil in the Beirut blast.

On August 4, he had finished his shift and went to his room on the other side of the gas station. In the afternoon he went to check on his coworkers when he saw the fire at the Port of Beirut. He thought it was a regular fire that he had seen happening multiple times, unfortunately it wasn’t. Warehouse number 12 exploded, and the force of the explosion destroyed neighboring areas. Rizol died immediately when a post fell on his head. His dead body was evacuated to Saint Joseph hospital, and according to the medical report, he died of extreme bleeding and serious head injuries.

As if that was not enough, he stayed at the hospital's morgue for over a month, waiting for deportation paperwork to be completed.

Rizol went home on his last journey, leaving a void in Lebanon, a country he loved.