Tanios Antoun

The little town of Saghar, in Jbeil district, will need time to heal from the passing of Tanios, the handsome man who would spread joy everywhere he went. He was adventurous, like a burning fire, brave, and honorable.

Everyday people would greet him and buy bread from him. Without him the neighborhood is sad and empty. He played the guitar, and he was a backgammon champion… He left without a final goodbye.

Tanios was also religious and God fearing. The Lord was his companion, and he would pray to him every single night.

He was still young when he fell in love with Ghada Abdallah. She was mesmerizing, and she told him she would always be by his side. They tied the knot, but on a dark night, fate was harsh, and it took ghada's life, leaving a broken Tanios drowning in memories.

Ghada left this earth and left two daughters, Mariana and Diana. The eldest was not even five, the young one was still a 40-days old newborn. Ghada died leaving Tanios with big questions. What to do now? She was his everything. But life had to go on. From that day on, Tanios only saw his daughters. He dedicated his life to raise them and love them, until they grew up to become amazing young girls.

Tanios was fifty-three when God chose him to be by his side. Before he died in a horrible explosion, a disease struck his body. He didn’t tell anyone because he was the strong man who challenged life… He was at Saint Georges Hospital, in a hospital bed, when a tragic blast took the lives of hundreds of people. Shards of glass wounded his chest… After the explosion, he was evacuated to the American University of Beirut Medical Center where he underwent two different surgeries…

Tanios spent a month at the hospital… People prayed for his recovery… But he regrettably closed his eyes forever…