Wahib Abi Aad

Wahib Abi Aad was a decent man who always fought for justice. He spent his life working hard to provide for his family.

He grew up faithful to his hometown Dfoun, in the district of Aley, to which he resorted every weekend, to rediscover his village as if he was seeing it for the first time.

In Dfoun, he would always wake up happy with zero burdens. He laughed so much with his neighbors and friends and spent the best time of his life.

Wahib was also passionate about arts and music. He worked as a cab driver and would drive every morning listening to the angelic sound of Fairuz…

He was always optimistic, and could never give up to life's hardships. He always looked up, he was driven by his inner strength, and he would always motivate himself to keep going.

Wahib had an only son: Karim. For him he was the very meaning of life. They were always together, and they were very good friends. Wahib did everything in his power to secure a bright future for his son.

Wahib was dying a little bit every day. He suffered from lung cancer. When he learned about his diagnosis, he was very calm, and took the news with all the strength in the world.

He would go in and out of the hospital for treatment. On his hospital bed, he would smile, believing the coming days will be better. He never stopped working, and he never let the disease and treatment take the best of him.

On August 4, 2020, Wahib was at Saint George Hospital receiving his treatment. Doctors were around, giving directions, and he would calmly listen and oblige. On that day, he didn't know that Beirut would turn into a war zone, that the smell of blood and death would fill the air.

In few moments, his hospital room was completely destroyed. Wahib died in a man-made horrible crime…