Wissam Faisal

Wissam was born in Ain Dara, in late 1974. He was the youngest in a big family of five boys and three girls. He was a very mischievous little boy who got well with adults rather than children. He attended two different schools, but did not pursue a university degree for financial reasons. He worked with his brother to support his sick parents, and his sister.

He started working at fifteen, hoping to cover his education fees. In the morning he was a cab driver, and in the evening he worked at a restaurant in Broummana. He enlisted with the Lebanese army for four years, after which he traveled to Qatar, KSA, Dubai and Kuwait, hoping he can improve his financial situation.

He returned to Lebanon to settle, and start a family. He worked at a restaurant and met his wife to be Hanan Hatoum. They got married in 2012, and had two children, a daughter (7) and a son (2.2). He was highly praised by his supervisors and employers, he was decent, trustworthy, and helpful.

Despite the many hardships he went through, Wissam was always optimistic. He played the piano and taught his children to appreciate music. He was so tired after ten years working in restaurants, and wanted to resign. He owned a land he inherited from his father, and wanted to sell it to provide a better life for his children.

On August 4, Wissam was supposed to be off, but he was covering for his coworker.  At 6:07 PM, Hanan tried to call him but he didn’t answer. She called the restaurant and they told her Wissam was standing outside when the explosion happened, and that he sustained a minor injury in his hand. She insisted to know the truth, and they told her a glass panel hit the back of his head; they left him seated on the chair until the Lebanese Red Cross arrived around 7:30 PM.

Despite his condition, he answered a call from his brother in law. Wissam told him he was fine and going to the hospital. He suddenly stopped talking, these were his last words…

At that moment, he was dying. The medical report confirmed a brain hemorrhage.