Yvette Georges Mini

Yvette was born to a large family, in Achrafieh, in 1953. She did not finish school, but life taught her so much. According to her niece Pascale who lived with her and worked with her at Saint George Hospital, she was everyone's mother.

Yvette worked at the hospital's laundry department for thirty-five years, she gave it her all. She lived in a nearby apartment in Fassouh – Achrafieh.

After the explosion, she communicated with her relatives, and sent a voice note through WhatsApp telling them she was fine; she then called her nephew asking for help. According to Pascale, "In less than half an hour, she was already dying".

Her nephew rushed to her house, which was completely destroyed. Family members called each other so someone could get to her since the traffic was crazy and there were shards of glass and rubble everywhere, it was impossible to arrive immediately to rescue her. Her nephew arrived first to save his aunt whom he considered more like mother.

Yvette was in a critical condition when he found her, and he evacuated her immediately to the nearby Saint George Hospital that also had its share of destruction. Yvette died in the same hospital she spent her life serving with utmost commitment. The hospital staff was heartbroken for the loss of 68-year old Yvette.

Yvette dreamed of a safe and peaceful Lebanon. A Lebanon that would grant her her basic rights… She passed away before she could see it happen.