Zeid Mayta

Zeid Mayta was too kind to be true. He was never tempted by money, or materialistic gain, and he was light years away from egotism and arrogance. He was good spirited and always ready to serve people of his home town Bar Elias.

He had a deep connection with land, soil and farming. He transformed the vast lands he owned into gold rivers. His dreams have always been big, and they were always happy and optimistic.

He treated his workers like friends. He believed that the love of people is the only truth. He was calm, decent, and forgiving; he would always find an excuse to anyone who'd hurt him.

Zeid paid a great deal of attention to politics, he was a chief supporter of his brother, the former parliament member Ali Mayta, through each of his election campaigns. He created a connection between his brother and the public, leading him to win the parliamentary elections in 1992.

In family ties, Zeid was a caring soul, taking his children and grandchildren under his wing. He loved to see everyone happy, and had a talent for conflict resolution; he was so reasonable. He was religious and would always go out to pray at dawn.

Zein was eighty-six when he tested positive for covid-19. He suffered from extreme symptoms and was admitted at the hospital, until the 4th of August; The scene was surreal. On that day, Zeid did not know that his beloved Beirut will turn in few moments into a war zone. Everything around him at Saint George University Hospital was destroyed, and as a result, he was cut off the mechanical ventilator. Zeid was still alive when he was transferred to Rafic Hariri University Hospital, but the damage in his lungs was irreversible. Nothing could be done.

Zeid left this earthly world to a better place, leaving behind a country that still bleeds every single day.