Zeinat Mougharbel Abbas

Zeinat was born in 1933, she grew up in a Beiruti family with two brothers and three sisters. Zeinat did not have the opportunity to attend school back in the time, but life taught her so much throughout the years.

She was married to Muhieddine Abbas, and they had four kids, Issam, Oussama, Fadi, and Ghada; she also had eleven grandchildren.

"Queen Zeinat", as her daughter describes her, was a good wife who faced life's hardships and challenges with will and determination. And although she hasn’t been schooled, she insisted her children receive the best education possible.

Zeinat was a breath of fresh air, she was a woman of values, well-mannered, decent, organized, elegant, and generous. Her house was always open, and according to her neighbors, she was an amazing cook.

In the event of an unfair death of a loved one, age doesn't matter. No matter how old they were, victims of the Beirut blast were innocent people, and Zeinat was one of them. She has never hurt anyone, and despite her old age she was still independent.

On august 4, she was home in Salim Slam with her daughter Ghada. At 6:07 PM, a huge explosion at the Port of Beirut rocked the city and echoed all over the country. The blast wreaked havoc in neighboring areas, and killed and injured thousands of people. 87-year old Zeinat could not handle the enormity of the explosion and had a heart attack. She was transferred to Al-Makassed Hospital where she stayed in a coma for the next twenty-five days. She passed away on August 29, 2020, and was buried at Al-Bachoura cemetery.