Abdel Kader Bloso

On his only son's birthday, he left this world.

It is martyr Abdel Kader Bloso, who fled death and war in Halab in Syria, to find peace and safety in Lebanon, but instead, he could not escape death from an earthquake-like explosion, leaving behind four kids and a wife, without any kind of support.

Abdel Kader grew up in Halab with ten siblings, and worked as a blacksmith. In 2013, he traveled with his family to Lebanon, stayed in Sin el Fil, and worked as a blacksmith, like he did in his home country.

According to his wife Fatima, Abdel Kader was not only a husband, but a huge support system that compensated for the absence of her family in their refuge. Abdel Kader worked hard, he sometimes even stayed at the workshop until 10:00 PM, he also worked on weekends, so he could provide for his family's needs.

At the worsening of the economic crisis in Lebanon, Abdel Kader contemplated a possible return to Syria, he was very worried things would get worse. However, he was destined to die in the Beirut blast.

On August 4, Abdel Kader was at work, he called his wife around 2:00 PM to plan their son's birthday, and promised he will call her later.

Usually, Abdel Kader works until 6:00 PM. On that Tuesday he did not want to stay overtime in order to celebrate his son's birthday. As he was getting out of the workshop in Karantina, the huge port explosion rocked all of Beirut.

When his wife heard about the explosion, she tried calling to check up on him. She did not know that a metal panel fell on his back, causing multiple fractures in his chest, as well as an internal hemorrhage.

After a number of unanswered calls, she received a call from Abdel Kader around 6:35 PM. He told her he was wounded, and he will go to the hospital.

After that, Fatima lost contact with her husband, until someone called her and told her he was with Abdel Kader, they have tried multiple hospitals, but none was able to admit him, as they were severely damaged by the blast. He asked Fatima to meet him in Bourj Hammoud. Abdel Kader's brother arrived first; he tried to take him to Saint Joseph Hospital. Abdel Kader passed away at 8:00 PM, five minutes before they got to the hospital, succumbing to his wounds. Fatima arrived two and half hours late because of the huge traffic on the way. Saint Joseph hospital could not admit him as well. Abdel Kader's dead body remained with his brother and wife until 10:00 PM, when it was finally admitted to the Middle East Hospital's morgue in Bsalim.