Ali Ismail

33-year old Ali was born in Khandak Al Ghamiq in Beirut, where he grew up and attended Zahraa School until grade 4. At 11, he started working with his father and grandfather in a tire shop. However, he did not stay long and moved from one job to another, until he settled in a vehicle inspection center. He was also a truck driver, moving containers, at the Port of Beirut for the last seven years. Ali was building himself up his whole life.

He got married three years ago and became the father of little Fadel, aged two years and four months. He was full of love and affection for his family, and would passionately take care of them, but nonetheless, he remained a father figure for his siblings and the backbone of his family, thinking of everyone before his own.

Ali's dream was not impossible. He wanted to build his own home, and start his own business. He worked three different jobs to make this dream happen, to prove himself to his family and make them proud.

His father speaks of him saying: "Ali was the best of my children, he was generous and brave, and devoted to his family." Ali was always there for everyone who needed support.

On August 4, Ali's shift was at 2:00 PM. He arrived on time, and when the fire erupted before the horrific explosion, at around 5:15, he sent live footage to his friends through social media applications. Soon after, a huge earth shattering blast hit Beirut. His family's home shook, as the Khandak region is fairly close to the port. They called him but his phone was off. An hour later, there was still no news about Ali. His brothers and friends went onsite to look for him but they were not allowed entry to the port.  They looked in hospitals around Beirut but could not find him.

At 10:00 PM they received a video of Ali wounded at Hotel Dieu Hospital, they went to check, but it wasn't him. On the third day they received a call telling them a dead body identified as Ali Abbas Ismail arrived to Al Zahraa Hospital. They went to the hospital and it was indeed his corpse.

When he was filming the fire, Ali did not know there will be a huge blast that would kill him and another 200 innocent victims. When the warehouse exploded, he tried to run but he was flown over hitting his back and head. According to the medical report, he died of a brain hemorrhage and his ears were bleeding.

His family received their son's dead body to say their goodbyes and bury him in his home town Jibchit – Nabatiye.