Amina Karbik

Amina suffered from chronic heart problems. No one ever thought she would die of a huge explosion at the Port of Beirut, on August 4, 2020.

Amina was born on February 1, 1979. She grew up in Syria and married at an early age, giving birth to six children. She was a loving mother who wished the world's happiness for her children.

Amina fled her home country with her family in 2012, running away from the difficult living conditions they had long endured, and chose Lebanon to be their second home, where they could finally work and live in peace and safety.

Despite her health condition, Amina still worked selling tissue paper and chewing gum for ten years, before she got married for the second time, and moved to live in her new marital house in Bourj Hammoud.

At the time of the explosion, Amina was home, close to the Port of Beirut. Her daughter who lived with her husband and family in Beirut, called her mother repeatedly but there was no answer.

She was so worried for her mother who was sick and could barely move. A while later, Amina's husband arrived home to check on his wife, he called her daughter and told her her mother was a bit dizzy, and he will take her to the hospital. She had in fact passed away, but he couldn’t bring the bad news to her daughter.

Amina's weak and suffering body could not sustain the enormity of the explosion, and she died of internal haemorrhage and heart complications.

Amina's heart stopped. She died at 41, as a result to the horrific August 4 Beirut blast. She was one of many victims who died in this grim day that still haunts our memory...