Gerges Farjallah Deaibes

Gerges was born in Qlaiaa, in the Bekaa, but due to war circumstances back then, his family relocated to their place for origin in Al-Klayaa – Marjeyoun, in 1974. Gerges changed three different schools before his graduation, yet, he could not pursue his university education under the Israeli occupation of his town.

On January 8, 1991, he joined Lebanon's Internal Security Forces, he was promoted through the years to First Officer Cadet. He worked in the security personnel of Minister Fares Bweiz, and was transferred, after the assassination of PM Rafic Hariri, to the security personnel of Judge Ralph Riachi, vice-president of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

Gerges was kind, loyal, and strong. He was generous, free, and brave to a dangerous extent. He would always say: "I will not die and, I am scared of no one. I have a clear conscience. I can be wherever I want, anytime I want. Death of the free is a new eternal life."

On that dreadful August 4, 2020, Gerges was attending to the brother of Judge Ralph Riachi in Saint George Hospital – University Medical Center. The latter was in the operating room at the time of the explosion, which wreaked havoc at the hospital. Following the blast, his sister Najwa called him repeatedly, but he didn’t answer. At 9:00 PM the phone stopped ringing on the other end. Najwa called his friends in Beirut and pleaded them to find him. She lived in Marjeyoun with her elderly father, and it was getting late. At 1:45 AM she received a call telling her Gerges passed away, his body was found in Siblin Governmental Hospital.

Gerges fractured his skull and suffered from a brain hemorrhage leading to his death. He was buried in the family's cemetery in Al-Klayaa – Marjeyoun. His sister looks at all the medals he was commended with over the years, and wishes for justice.