Hayle Mariam Dimisi Rita

Hayle Mariam Dimisi Rita is an Ethiopian young man, born on September 25, 1983, in the city of Dessie. He has two younger brothers and a sister. He is married to Yana, who traveled with him to Lebanon and stood by him every step of their journey.

Hayle was a very good student. He graduated with three different degrees, a bachelor’s degree in Business and Cooperative from Mekelle University, a master’s degree in Urban Management from the Ethiopian Civil Service University, and another master’s degree in Government Development Sector from Addis Ababa University.

Hayle worked at the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then worked at the airport in Ethiopia, before fleeing to Lebanon, to secure a better future and financial stability than he would achieve in his home country.

Hayle was a model worker. He was trustworthy, honest, and very energetic. He was appreciated by everyone who’ve come to know him, whether they were coworkers, or guests aboard the Orient Queen ship. Mr. Hassan Jawad adds that “Hayle was my friend and I pride myself with this friendship. He was helpful, nice, polite, and reputable.”

Hayle traveled to Lebanon to support his family in Ethiopia, but he lost his life in the August 4th explosion, at the Port of Beirut. He worked aboard the Orient Queen Cruise Ship that was grounded in Beirut during summer 2020, due to the deteriorating financial crisis and the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

When the fire erupted in warehouse number 12, the ship’s staff and crew, forty-seven people including Hayle, went on deck to watch what was happening on the port’s harbor. A first explosion blew the warehouse, and pulled the ship that was anchored in dock 11, to the explosion site. The second explosion happened thirty seconds later, and pushed the ship in the opposite direction, causing it to hit the dock and sink with its staff and crew onboard.

Few minutes ended Hayle’s life. After a two and a half hours search, in and outside the water, Hayle was found dead on the dock. His dead body was taken to Khoury Hospital, and according to the coroner’s report, he died of extreme physical injuries.

Mr. Jawad completed Hayle’s paperwork so he can be buried in his home country, Ethiopia.