Iyad Amine

In a family of three children, Iyad Zayd El-Amine grew up in the village of Souwanneh – South Lebanon. He graduated with a Civil Engineering degree from the American University of Beirut.

Iyad (55) was a successful businessman. He loved nature, and was fond of animals, despite his buzzing career.

He was full of hope, love, and life. He loved rural life, and built multiple family houses in his village. He loved family gatherings, and worried for everyone's wellbeing. For his family members, he was a pillar, a foundation and a leader.

Iyad, a father of three, was generous, loving, and extremely helpful with those in need.

During Eid Al-Adha, a few days before the explosion, he spent extended time in his village to enjoy the weekend with his family. But he had to go back to Beirut on Monday August 3, for work purposes.

On Tuesday, his son called him to meet for lunch, but Iyad apologized saying he was tired, and will go home. Iyad went back to his house in Gemmayze, where he passed away.

When the explosion happened, and conflicting news spread around it, the family worried for the fate of Iyad who was in his apartment, close to the explosion site.

Everyone tried to call him, but he never answered. The family worried even more, and his sister Arwa went with his kids to his apartment to check on him. There he was, on the couch, in the living room, in front of the TV. Engineer Iyad El-Amine succumbed to his injuries. The explosion of the Port of Beirut ended his beautiful promising life, while he still had a lot to live for.