Joe Andoun

Joe was born on July 4, 1984, to George Andoun and Marie Saade. Despite being the youngest child, Joe carried on huge responsibilities. He was the family’s strength, and the confidant of his sister Michelle and brother Elie.

Joe had strong family ties, he was very close to his siblings. They would meet on a regular basis, over lunch or dinner, especially on Sundays and during the holidays.

Joe was married to Michelle Tanios –they had tied the knot on July 4, 2015, and they have two daughters, Jennifer (4.5) and Joy (1.5).

Although Joe was pampered by his parents, he was still a hard worker. He worked as an electrical technician for years, until he was employed at the Port of Beirut grain silos, in August 2015.

He still took on a few electricity related jobs outside his shifts at the port, to afford a house for his little family. Yet, work was not everything, Joe always put family first. They would regularly go out, even though, in the last few months, the economic crisis in Lebanon had left its toll on the family.

They had their immigration papers ready, since his wife and daughters held American passports. But the decision to leave Lebanon did not come true; it was killed on August 4, 2020…

Joe who always motivated everyone around him, was not very optimistic himself. He kept telling his wife that he would leave this world before she does, and that she needs to take care of the girls.

And it was true. Joe passed away on August 4, 2020…

Just before the blast, Joe was on the management building’s roof, filming the fire and sending footage to his family. When the warehouse exploded, all communication with him was lost.

Joe was missing for the next four days, his body was found on August 8. His family recognized him from his clothes and wedding ring. His wallet was still in his pocket, and he was still wearing his rosary beads around his neck. The phone that recorded his last moments of life was also next to him...