Mahmoud Abdel Kader Naboulsi

Mahmoud Abdel Kader Naboulsi

Mahmoud Naboulsi was full of love and life. He was a passionate electrical technician who worked hard and dreamed of a better tomorrow. However, like every other Lebanese, he was faced with the sad truth that life as he knew it before the August 4 explosion will never be the same. Two years later, Mahmoud still suffers from the repercussions of that fateful day.

“It still feels like yesterday… I was on my balcony holding my grandson in my arms when the explosion happened. It was a nightmare.”

This is how Mahmoud Naboulsi tells the story of the August 4 explosion.

“I swear I can’t forget the tragedy that befell on my city, on my family, and on myself… How would I forget after I lost fingers in my left hand, and my left eye sustained an injury that would need lifelong treatment?”

…Mahmoud goes back in time:
“I tightened my hold on my grandson to protect him… I didn’t know that I lost some of my fingers… My wife was trying to provide first aid until my son arrived to take me to the hospital. The hospital was full of dead and injured people.

I waited for a long time in the emergency room before they decided to amputate my fingers.

A while later, a doctor talked to my wife and confirmed that I lost some of my left-hand fingers, and it was a harsh truth for me.

It was life-changing because I worked in electrical maintenance… Days went by and my left eye, which sustained great damage from the explosion, was also operated on. The doctor requested that I stay away from everything that could cause me additional stress…

This is almost impossible, especially since I am my family’s breadwinner… It is sad that the government does not take us into account, there is no serious data collection about those injured by the blast in different areas. All I can say is that I wish God would take care of those who planned and executed this explosion that killed innocent people and injured many more.”

With those words Mahmoud wrapped up his sad story, calling for justice for all.