Majida Saadeh Kassab

Majida was born in Ghousta in 1968, she attended school in Achkout, and graduated from the Lebanese University with a degree in Arabic Literature.

Soon after her graduation, she taught Arabic language at a private school, but quit teaching when she got married.

Majida devoted her life to her family, she was extremely proud of her children, Melvine (24) and Antoine (22).

She was a great mother, and put her children first. She gave up on a lot to keep them happy, and to give them the best education possible. She often forgot about herself, trying to offer them the best. Majida taught them everything, but did not teach them how to survive without her.

She wished to see her daughter married, and meet her grandchildren. Majida was a respectful lady, caring, generous, and very helpful. She was a friend to her daughter's friends, she was also very close to her son.

Majida was a strong woman who was always there for her family, for good or for worse.

On August 4, 2020, Majida was with her mother, a cancer patient, at Saint George Hospital in Achrafieh. Her daughter Melvine was on her way home when she heard the explosion. She tried to call her mother but she never answered. She called her grandma, and her uncle answered and told her her mother was wounded and cannot speak to her.

Melvine told her father and they rushed to the hospital that looked like a war zone. There was no way they could get to the sixth floor because of the huge amount of rubble. They tried to walk up the fire exit stairs, and found out Majida had passed away. She was standing by the window when the explosion pushed her, and she hit her head and died instantly.

Majida, the strong woman who resembled mountains with her resilience and will, died of a corrupt horrific explosion that rocked the city of Beirut.